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Sushi Joobu Chef Toar Christopher

Working as a waiter, helper, up to assistant chef ever acted by a man who is now a sushi chef and owner. Who would have thought learning to cook from her Grandma and the big curiosity is precisely the greatest capital to become successful!

Toar Christopher's full name or a familiarly called Itoph, sushi chef and part owner of Sushi Joobu was admitted never

thought would become a chef let alone a sushi chef. His goal during high school is to become an architect to follow the footsteps of his mother. In fact, he even had time to get education at the University Parahyangan architect, Bandung.
"I was very stubborn, so only a few semesters I had to drop out due to often not attending classes ," he said with a chuckle amused remembering the past. Almost desperate mother finally decided to send him to USA and majored in IT. Migrated to the USA became the turning point of life that Itoph would never expected.

Itoph's first working experience was part time job at a restaurant called 'Little Tokyo'. Being a server with a difficulty communicating in English has also been experienced by Itoph. Finally, during the monetary crisis in Indonesia in 1998 had force him to work fulltime job. After undergoing training in Tennessee, USA for 3 months finally He was placed in a Chinese Restaurant in Tampa Florida. This is where he began to gain basic skills to become a chef. Starting from being a waiter, until then be a 'helper' in the kitchen. Skinned chicken, lifting goods, to stand for hours was an everyday task for Him.



Not in vain, when the company where he worked wanted to open up an Asian Bistro Called Rice & Co. There was he first met a master sushi chef named Shigeo Yamane. Month he learned and memorized the menu to be accepted as a 'helper' of a sushi chef. "Learning to be a sushi chef is not easy because we are not taught directly. We must be very clever engineering practice itself.

After a year, finally Itop gain confidence from the chef to make maki and nigiri sushi. In the previous stage Itoph even undergo training to sharpen knives, wash, prepare the vegetables to cut vegetables.

"The hardest part of making sushi we have to move fast while the results are not only good but it must be beautiful," said Itoph. Deft and disciplined Itoph make the teacher was impressed and recommended him to deepen the 'speed' to make sushi on a friend of the teacher in Atlanta. He also had time to sit in Atlanta for 3 months, before finally re-drawn at the company where she worked first.

Travel became a corporate sushi chef was begun, he was assigned to provide training in sushi outlets spread across America. But soon, the traveling job bored him and he was applying to work at a Japanese restaurant 'Ohana' in Seattle, Washington. The experience made him appointed as a Head Sushi Chef at Ohana and worked there almost 2 years. In those years He had work in more than 20 restaurants in Tampa, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington DC, Memphis, and surrounding area of those Cities.

After returning to Indonesia, thanks to encouragement of His friends he had dared to open a sushi restaurant called Poke Sushi Dharmawangsa which became the forerunner to the growth of Fusion Sushi in Jakarta. Restaurant concept of 'Japanese American Fusion' is indeed a form of specialization sushi roll.

Finally, after open up a Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia called Gaijin, He open up a first Sushi Joobu  outlet in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. With no more than a year, Sushi Joobu has a second outlet in Puri Area. But when asked about his favorite food, "Actually, my favorite food is not entirely Japanese but Bruine Bonen Soep made by 'oma'," he said.



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Toar Christopher

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