About Sushi Joobu

Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

Joobu's Special RollSushi Joobu is a fusion Japanese restaurant chain that consist of both fusion and traditional Japanese food.

Sushi Joobu provides you Chef Toar Christopher's

signature dishes based on His International experiences in more than 30 restaurants through out United States, Australia, and Indonesia since 1996. He was trained by several well known Master Sushi Chef in United States.


Sushi Joobu presents you all you can eat sushi and sashimi concept in Pesanggrahan outlet.

Sushi Joobu will present you with the highest standard of fish quality with cozy atmosphere and friendly staff.

Just in case you are wondering what Joobu means, it means great, healthy, strong, and powerful. That would what We hope for Our Company, Customer and Staff.

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