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Fresh Fish Criteria

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Fresh fish criteria

Clear eyes.

Meat not mushy (if pressed, quickly back into shape).

No discoloration on certain parts.

After rinsing with water, does not smell fishy.

Bright red gills and not stained.

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National Geographic Traveller Sushi Joobu Coverage

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National Geographic Traveller Sushi Joobu Coverage

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Is it safe to eat raw fish?

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The tradition to eat raw fish has existed since the human civilization. Food poisoning can be caused by food, either raw or cooked, contaminated with dangerous organisms or toxic chemicals that settle on the surface of food by air, water, dust, or living things (eg. human or insect).
Most of the causes of food poisoning is
Phatogenize bacteria. Phatogenize bacteria will double in number in just 40 minutes at room temperature. The more the number of bacteria, the greater the likelihood of someone developing the disease after eating the food.
Thus, the cause of food poisoning is not the food itself, but the substances or organisms that contaminate foods.
According to the study, the type of food that is simply not to eat raw is any kind of poultry or animals in the encounter bacteria or organisms that can harm human health.
On the other hand, fish and seafood as well as vegetables, it is useful to health if consumed in a raw state. Due to cook the most essential substances that will be lost.


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